Clever Pup Waits For The Perfect Moment To Pull Off Brazen Store Robbery

“At first I was surprised... Then I started laughing.”

This clever little dog has mastered the art of the sneak — and he’s using those powers in the pursuit of free treats.

Marisa Guimarães

The other day, store owner Marisa Guimarães was cleaning up in the back room of her small market in Brazil when she heard a familiar sound. At first, it sounded as though a customer had walked in and picked up an item to buy.

“I heard a noise, like from a package of snacks,” Guimarães told The Dodo.

Yet when Guimarães walked out to greet the customer, there was no one there. Had she been hearing things? Curious, Guimarães decided to review the store’s security camera footage.

This is what she saw:

Marisa Guimarães

Turns out, it was a local dog who'd decided to enter Guimarães’ store and help himself to a bag of potato chips. He’d moved in carefully, making sure the coast was clear before selecting what he was going to steal.

Once the job was finished, and a clean getaway was in sight, the pilfering pup seemed quite pleased with himself.

“At first I was surprised,” Guimarães said. “Then I started laughing.”

Marisa Guimarães

The pup may have thought he'd pulled off the perfect crime, but he'd failed to account for the fact that Guimarães had him on video and knows exactly who he is.

"His owners are my neighbors and they're customers at my store. I showed them the video, and they were very amused. They offered to pay for the damages!" Guimarães said.

Despite the dog's thieving reputation, Guimarães doesn't hold it against him. In fact, she said he's welcome back anytime.

"Of course he's welcome," Guimarães said with a laugh. "As long as he pays next time!"