Chunky Neighborhood Cat Is Always First In Line At His Local Donut Shop

“[The] line starts behind this guy …”

When it comes to breakfast, the folks in Chapin, South Carolina, love stopping by their local bakery, Chickenbutt Donuts, first thing in the morning.

Drawn in by the smell of freshly fried dough and decadently sweet glazes, Chickenbutt Donuts’ loyal customers tend to gather outside before dawn, counting down the minutes until its doors open. But there’s an adorable, fluffy community member who always beats them to it.

Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

Oreo, a local shop cat, is obsessed with Chickenbutt’s sweet treats. So much so, that he refuses to let anyone in before him.

“[The] line starts behind this guy,” Chickenbutt Donuts wrote on Facebook.

Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

The bakery staff usually start their days before sunrise, preparing trays of donuts and fritters for their opening at 6 a.m. It may be painfully early for some, but Oreo is unfazed by the wake-up call. No matter the hour, Oreo is always bright-eyed and ready to greet his friends at the donut shop.

The folks at Chickenbutt Donuts love to see Oreo waiting at the front door, but the determined cat doesn’t usually have time for niceties: He’s more focused on scoring the freshest donut on the rack.

Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

The Chickenbutt Donuts crew and the surrounding businesses all keep nutritious cat food and treats on hand to feed Oreo. They make sure he is well-cared for, and his health is their main priority.

But sometimes, they can’t help but give in to the cat’s desires.

“Chonky boy got his donut, y’all!” Chickenbutt Donuts wrote on Facebook.

Oreo loves nothing more than taking a hearty bite out of a fresh donut, and he can’t thank his friends at Chickenbutt Donuts enough for all the treats and cuddles they supply.

Facebook/Chickenbutt Donuts

The residents of Chapin might not always get first dibs on Chickenbutt Donuts’ delicious goodies, but they’re never mad at the reason. Everyone can relate to Oreo’s sweet tooth, and they love to see their beloved neighbor’s wish come true.

“Oreo has been a staple in our little corner of White Rock for a good long while …” Chickenbutt Donuts wrote on Facebook. “[I]t seemed like a good idea to introduce him to the world!”