Chubby Squirrel Waits Patiently For His Order In Burger King Drive-Thru

"Yes. He's a regular" 😂

The other day, Jeff Clutch pulled into the drive-thru of his local Burger King to grab a bite to eat. But as he waited behind a line of cars to place his order, something caught his eye.

“I noticed this very tame squirrel hanging out on the ledge next to the drive-thru window,” Clutch told The Dodo. “However, I thought nothing of it.”

Turns out, though, the squirrel wasn’t there by accident.

Jeff Clutch

As Clutch sat in his car, he began to hear laughter from the car behind him. Curious, he looked up again toward the drive-thru window to see what was going on.

Then a hand emerged.

It was clutching a single fry.

That, evidently, was the squirrel’s order.

Jeff Clutch

The squirrel placed the fry in his mouth and moved further down the ledge, eager to enjoy his treat.

"He was very comfortable with all that was happening around him," Clutch said.

Jeff Clutch

Clutch was still in line, waiting for his own food, but he wasn’t too miffed by the delay.

“Nobody appeared upset at this squirrel for jumping ahead to get service,” he said.

Jeff Clutch

When Clutch finally arrived at the window to get his order, he inquired about the fluffy-tailed customer who’d come before him.

And he was told, sure enough:

“Yes,” Clutch said. "He’s a regular."