Chubby Pug Gets A Wake-Up Call After Failing To Fit Through The Pet Door

"I heard her scratching and came around the corner ..."

This adorable pug named Sushi has evidently been living in a world of denial.

Sure, she could probably stand to lose a little weight. But who couldn't, right? It's never been that big of an issue.

Until it was.

Rachel Wright

The other day, Sushi was at home with her parents when something came up. They needed to focus their attention on their other dog for a minute, so they moved Sushi momentarily into the laundry room to avoid her being a distraction.

Attached to the laundry room door is a pet door, installed by a previous owner. It's sized for cats — but apparently Sushi believed herself to be svelte enough to use it too. She was wrong.

"I guess she knew what we were doing and was determined to get through," Rachel Wright, Sushi's mom, told The Dodo. "I heard her scratching and came around the corner."

Here's video of what she saw:

Sushi had vastly underestimated her pudge. As she tried — and failed — to wiggle her chubby pug frame through the cat-sized door, it seemed to all come clear. Like an unwelcome wake-up call.

"She definitely thinks she can fit through and escape from anything," Wright said. "I thought it was hilarious. My husband came around the corner and let her out."

Rachel Wright

Sushi wasn't injured in that awkward attempt, thankfully. Well, not physically, at least.

"After that, she went on patrol and scanned the perimeter to make sure there wasn’t any fun going on," Wright said. "I’m sure it hurt her pride a little, though."

But surely, it was nothing an extra treat or two can't heal. And in Sushi's defense, it was a cat door.