Cats Team Up To Lock Woman Out Of Her Own Bathroom

"A dog would never do this."

Earlier this month, Julie Balko found herself in a rather unusual predicament. Suddenly, without explanation, she was unable to open her own bathroom door.

The door wasn’t locked the regular way, with the lock, however — it just wouldn’t budge from the outside. Something strange was going on in there.

So, Balko decided to turn on her phone's camera and slide it under the door for a better look. This is what she saw:

Turns out, Balko’s two mischievous cats had gone into the bathroom and somehow managed to close the door behind them. Then, using some rather diabolical (albeit quite impressive) thinking, they had opened the cabinet drawer nearest the door to prevent the door from being swung open.

The cats, it seems, knew exactly what they were doing.

“A dog would never do this,” Balko wrote.

Balko's cats had created the problematic situation with apparent ease. But they were clearly in no hurry to reverse it.

It was almost as if they were enjoying their prank.

The cats weren't going to make this easy. Balko had to get creative.

Here, she explains how she eventually did manage to get the door open:

The jig was up.

"Luckily, the kittens are cute," Balko wrote.

In the end, all was set right — and Balko learned a little bit more about what it means to be a cat mom.

"I am impressed with the complexity of their fun," she wrote. "Luckily we got them out and drawers are firmly taped shut for now. My dog watched the whole thing and pretty sure she rolled her eyes. And cursed them for delaying her walk."