Woman Discovers Gross Reason Why All Her Hair Ties Are Wet

It's her cat's favorite game 😂

Ever since he was a kitten, Arlo has loved to play. He’s always finding new things or people to play with and never gets tired of coming up with new games.

“As soon as he wakes up, he’s ready to play,” Meaghan James, Arlo’s mom, told The Dodo.

cute cat
Meaghan James

One of Arlo’s favorite games to play is fetching his mom’s hair ties. He’s loved hair ties for over a year now and can’t get enough of playing with them. He never chews on them, and his mom keeps an eye on him when he has them, just to make sure he stays safe. He mostly just bats them around, gets his mom to throw them — and dips them in water.

cat loves hair ties
Meaghan James

For some reason, part of Arlo’s hair tie routine involves dipping them in his cat fountain when he’s done playing with them. It’s a strange habit and no one knows why he does it, other than he just really loves playing in water.

Dipping the hair ties in water never caused any problems — until Arlo decided to use something other than his fountain.

Meaghan James

One day, Arlo was playing with his hair ties as usual when James stepped away for a few minutes. She figured he’d be dipping a hair tie in the fountain when she came back, but he wasn’t there. She went looking for him — and found him dipping the hair tie in the toilet instead.

James couldn’t help but laugh, but also had no idea how long he’d been sneaking off to dip hair ties in the toilet. Now, the main house rule is always close the toilet lid and the bathroom door, just in case.

“Arlo is no longer allowed to dip them in the toilet,” James said. “If he doesn’t fish them back out, I have to! It was so funny to see, but now he’s encouraged to play in his water fountain.”

cat hair ties
Meaghan James

Arlo loves to play with his hair ties, and it’s pretty cute to watch — as long as his games no longer involve the toilet.

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