Cat's Afternoon Nap In Cardboard Box Doesn't Go As Planned

Her owner got a call from someone 300 miles away.

Last month, this cat named Sanny was pleasantly surprised to find a new amenity in the home she shares with her owner in Hagen, Germany.

It was a spacious cardboard box containing a large car part her dad had ordered but planned to return.

To Sanny, that seemed the perfect place to grab an afternoon nap. So, she nestled deep inside and settled in for a snooze.

But that’s when Sanny’s problems began.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

Not realizing that the car part box now contained his beloved cat, Sanny’s owner sealed it back up and dropped it off to be shipped. And before long, Sanny was on the move — traveling by mail for hundreds of miles towards her unwitting destination.

Sanny’s desire for dreamtime had been her downfall, leading to nothing short of a nightmare.

But thankfully, it didn’t stay that way forever.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

Nearly 48 hours after Sanny’s owner shipped the box — car part, cat and all — it was delivered to the car part manufacturer, ATP Auto Parts, more than 300 miles away in the city of Pressath. There, the box sat for another 30 hours until an employee finally opened it.

Then out popped Sanny.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

Fortunately, aside from being thirsty, hungry and scared, Sanny was otherwise healthy and uninjured in the shipping process.

Employees at the factory welcomed her with open arms, providing her the care she needed. Still, they found the whole thing quite baffling.

“Such returns with a cat in a box do not happen every day,” ATP Auto Parts wrote.

But where had she come from? The box she arrived in had all the clues needed.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

Meanwhile, back at home 300 miles away, Sanny’s owner had spent the previous days feeling heartbroken. His cat had gone mysteriously missing, and he feared she might be lost forever.

Then he got a call from ATP Auto Parts, informing him of the situation.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

“The owner never would have thought [Sanny had gone on] such an adventure,” the company wrote.

Much to his relief, Sanny was fine. And fortunately for the cat, the return trip home wouldn’t be as unpleasant an ordeal.

Her family came and picked her up.

ATP Autoteile GmbH

With that, the misadventure that had been kicked off by Sanny's love of boxes had finally come to an end.

And her owner couldn't be more relieved to have her back, saying:

"I am very happy and very grateful to the ATP Auto Parts for taking such loving care of my cat and giving her a home for a few hours."