Cat Hears Mom’s Voice Coming From Speakers and Immediately Tries To Find Her

“She was confused, she was trying to get to me" 😂

Hope has always been a goofy cat, and loves getting herself into funny situations. From getting stuck in the blinds … 

cat blinds
Becky Matheson

… to sitting in plants, she’s always on the lookout for her next adventure. 

cat sits in plant
Becky Matheson

One day, Becky Matheson, Hope’s mom, was playing around, talking through a microphone, and she didn’t really think anything of it. Her voice was coming out of a set of speakers she has. She didn’t think it was anything remarkable — but Hope certainly did. 

When she heard her mom’s voice coming from the speaker, she was immediately confused and intrigued. She had no idea what was happening, but she was determined to figure it out. 

In order to try and solve the mystery, Hope began trying to climb inside the speaker. It was as if she was trying to figure out how her mom had gotten in there and how to get her back out again. Matheson, of course, couldn’t stop laughing about it. 

Becky Matheson

“I thought it was funny as heck,” Matheson told The Dodo. “I did it for like 15 to 20 minutes and she was still looking in the speaker.” 

Hope didn’t stop to try and see if maybe her mom was somewhere else. She was completely honed in on the speaker situation. 

The kicker? Matheson was sitting nearby the entire time. Hope just didn’t seem to notice. 

“She was confused, she was trying to get to me but I was sitting right next to her but she thought I was in the speaker,” Matheson said. 

cat sits in sink
Becky Matheson

Hope was just too mystified to consider any other options. Mom was in the speaker. To her, it was a fact.

Eventually, Hope lost interest in trying to save her mom from the speaker and went on her way. She probably figured she’d find her again somehow, and of course, she did. Hope 1, speaker 0.

“She is just hilarious, never a dull moment,” Matheson said.