Cat Runs Onto Baseball Field And Immediately Starts Winning The Game

He's the real MVP 😹

On Monday night, the Baltimore Orioles were playing the New York Yankees, when out of nowhere, a stray cat ran out onto the field.

Apparently, the cat had been hanging out in the visitors' dugout during the game, but he wasn’t bothering anyone so the players let him stay. He seemed to know his way around, so who were they to kick him out?

At some point, though, the cat must have gotten bored and decided it might be fun to join the game.

However, as soon as he got out onto the field, the cat realized he might have made a mistake. The staff at the stadium needed to get him off the field in order to resume the game — and as soon as he realized there were people trying to catch him, he did what any cat would do. He refused to be caught.

The cat ran circles around the people trying to catch him, even throwing in some parkour moves by jumping up onto the walls of the field. For a full three and a half minutes, the cat darted around the stadium as everyone in the crowd chanted, “MVP, MVP!” It was the most action they’d seen all game.

Finally, the cat darted back off the field again and the game resumed, much to the dismay of the crowd. As the players started things back up, everyone knew who the real star of the game was.

The Orioles later joked on Twitter, “Someone put us in touch with the cat's agent; we have things to discuss.”