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Cat Refuses To Let Any Mail Be Delivered Ever

“When I try to put [in] the mail, he always starts slapping the mail or my hands" 😂

Normally, delivering the mail is a pretty routine experience for Elizabeth Lara — until she gets to Milo’s house. 

“I see him almost every day,” Lara told The Dodo. 

Milo has very strong feelings about the mail being delivered, and so every day like clockwork, when the mail arrives, Milo is there to voice his opinions. 

“When I try to put [in] the mail, he always starts slapping the mail or my hands, but playfully, never with claws or anything like that,” Lara said. 

cat mail
Elizabeth Lara

As soon as he sees the mail start to slip through the slot, Milo quickly tries to bat it away, and it’s become one of his favorite games. Even though getting the mail to Milo’s family can be tricky because of his games, Lara still adores him, and seeing him is one of her favorite things about her route. 

cat mail
Elizabeth Lara

“I finally recorded it to share with people [about] who makes my day 100 times better,” Lara said. “He’s the sweetest!”

cat mail
Elizabeth Lara

Even though the mail still always makes it through the slot, Milo will never stop trying to bat it away. One of these days, he may just succeed in protecting his home from the mail.

Until then, Lara will enjoy every single adorable attempt, and is so glad that she somehow ended up with the cutest mail route ever.

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