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Cat Taught To Play Music For Treats Now Won't Stop Tapping His Tiny Piano

“Now he plays all the time!” 😂

This is Winslow — a sweet, chubby cat with a keen taste for music. And an even keener taste for treats.

The two aren't unrelated.

Kate Nyx

Winslow’s mom, Kate Nyx, is a musician and has numerous instruments at home. Included among them is this tiny piano — a perfect size for little kids to learn on, and apparently cats, too.

From a young age, Winslow seemed to enjoy pawing at the keys.

Kate Nyx

“He would hit the keys and then look under to see where the sound came from,” Nyx told The Dodo. “That’s how the piano playing started.”

Soon, however, Winslow’s interest in music hit soaring new heights.

Kate Nyx

As he got older, Winslow got a tad plumper than he should be. So his vet suggested that Nyx put him on a diet, and she did — but with one interesting caveat.

“I started breaking up his meals into smaller portions throughout the day and using the piano as a way for him to ‘earn’ them,” Nyx said.

And with that, Winslow became an avid pianist. Perhaps a bit too avid.

Kate Nyx

These days, with Winslow associating playing music with receiving treats, Nyx’s home is rarely without the sound of a cat on the piano.

“Now he plays all the time!” Nyx said.

As you’ll see on video, this can lead to some hilarious musical standoffs:

“He’s very melodramatic,” Nyx said.

Given that Winslow is pretty much constantly working to earn treats, nowadays Nyx usually rewards him with healthy snacks, like leafy greens.

He deserves something for his little performances, after all.

Kate Nyx

Interestingly, all of that piano practice has actually led to some noticeable improvements in Winslow’s playing.

“He used to just hit the keys once or twice and now he plays strings of notes without issue,” Nyx said.

This has made the already lovable cat even more endearing in his mom’s eyes.

Kate Nyx

Winslow shows no signs of slowing. And that's more than OK.

“Are there moments he has played that I wish he would wait a minute? Yes,” Nyx admitted. “But mostly I am just grateful that my cat has taken after my musicianship.”

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