Woman Was Terrified She Lost Her Cat — Until She Checked Her Laundry Pile

Can you spot him? 👀

If asked to describe him, Edgar Allan Purr’s mom would say that he’s “judgmental and lazy” — in the most loving way possible, of course. While Edgar loves observing his mom and giving his opinions on her life, he also enjoys finding well-placed hiding spots to take frequent naps in. 

cat purse
Kayla Robinson

“He normally has no problem making himself known since we share a studio apartment space together,” Kayla Robinson, Edgar’s mom, told The Dodo. “Normally he’ll crawl into a shopping bag or inside one of my larger handbags ... if he can.”

cat hides in purse
Kayla Robinson

One day, Robinson was going about her business when she suddenly realized she hadn’t seen Edgar in a while. She turned on the sink in the bathroom and he didn’t come running like he usually does, which was definitely weird. Since they live in a studio apartment, there are only so many places he can hide, which is why Robinson started to panic a bit when she couldn’t seem to find him. 

She was rushing around her tiny apartment, desperately trying to figure out where he might be — when suddenly, she noticed that her work skirt had a pair of eyes. 

Kayla Robinson

“I yelped and screamed out a very bad word — I’m sure my neighbors heard,” Robinson said. 

Of course, the eyes belonged to Edgar, who had decided to take a sneaky, very well-placed nap on his mom’s skirt. He saw no issue with his spot choice, and couldn’t seem to figure out why his mom was so freaked — or why she seemed so relieved when she finally spotted him.

cat hiding
Kayla Robinson

“He hasn’t hidden from me that well since the first few days after I adopted him,” Robinson said.

Edgar had just been trying to take a nap in the most inconvenient spot, and it seems that the entire ordeal actually represents his snarky, adorable personality quite well.