Cat Loves Christmas Present So Much She Becomes A Part Of It

She blends right in 😂

As Christmastime approached, Twitter user August decided he wanted to get his cat, Pavlova, a special present this year for being the best. He surprised her with a super fluffy cat bed, and she immediately fell in love with it.

Pavlova loved her bed so much that she sank right into it — and essentially became one with the bed.

August posted a picture on Twitter of Pavlova enjoying her gift, and everyone went wild. People kept commenting that they thought she was a giant cat with a wooden leg and didn’t notice at first that the cat and the bed were two separate things. Pavlova just blended in too well.

It really is kind of challenging to tell where the cat ends and the bed begins — they’re both so fluffy.

August posted more photos to show that Pavlova is not, in fact, a giant cat, and is instead just really good at camouflage. She loves her new bed so much and will continue to be one with it whenever she can. Why not, right?