Cat Learns To Say 'OK' Anytime Her Dad Asks A Question

Dad: "Want a treat?" Cat: "OK!" 😂

Akkodha has always been an agreeable cat and says “OK” to nearly every question her dad asks — literally.

Dan Spano and his wife first noticed that Akkodha was talkative when they brought her home from the humane society in 2006. Akkodha had been returned to the shelter by her former owners because her fur was “too long.” But to her new family, Akkodha was perfect.

Cat says OK when dad asks her a question

“She has her chirps and meows, and every day when I wake up, she always talks to me,” Spano told The Dodo.

Spano started talking back to Akkodha like she was a person, and the two would have sweet conversations. Then, Spano noticed that when he asked Akkodha a question, it sounded like she was saying “OK” back to him.

The more Spano talked to Akkodha and goofed around with her, the more pronounced her Oks became. “And just from years and years of playing around with her and going back and forth, we’ve gotten to where she is now,” Spano said.

Like most cats, Akkodha tends to get more talkative when she wants something. “She’ll say it generally if I’m anywhere in the vicinity of the kitchen pantry that has her treats,” Spano said. “She associates it with me and now she just wants to say it back and forth.”

Talking cat

When Spano’s wife and friends began pointing out how adorable the senior kitty’s chatting was, Spano started filming his conversations with Akkodha and putting them on TikTok. Spano loves that Akkodha has reached so many people through the platform, bringing them joy and positivity.

“I think it’s great that we put smiles on people’s faces,” Spano said. “They’ll say, ‘Hey, I need an OK this week.’ Or, ‘As long as she says OK, I know everything will be fine.’”

When Akkodha is not chatting with her dad, the now 15-year-old cat just wants to be close to her people and get some love. “She’s very affectionate,” Spano said. “As soon as I get home from work and sit in my chair, she’s on my lap. She’s always following me around, always rubbing against your leg hoping to get pets.”

“I can’t even imagine myself not having a cat — especially her,” Spano said. “She’s like a part of the family. She’s never mad at you or grumpy, she’s always happy and excited to see you when you get home. It’s just a great feeling.”

And Akkodha is certainly OK with that.

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