Cat Has Weird Fascination With His Mom's Potato Cabinet

The more potatoes, the more he likes it 🤷‍♀️

Most cats like spending their time hanging out in their bed, a basket or their cat tree. But not Nugget.

When the rescue cat discovered a potato-filled cabinet under the kitchen sink, he decided it was the perfect place for a den. The potato cabinet is Nugget’s safe space. A place where he can guard his precious potatoes and keep them warm.

Cat guards potatoes

“He started doing this about nine months ago when I accidentally left [the cabinet door] open while cooking,” Anshu, Nugget’s mom, told The Dodo. “He just jumped to the second shelf, stepped over the six or seven potatoes and made space for himself in the back!”

Nugget had a difficult early life and was abandoned on the streets by his previous owners. The 8-year-old cat is now deeply attached to his mom and follows her everywhere.

“Nugget is the most loving cat ever,” Anshu said. “He loves cuddling and will snuggle up to you anytime he gets the chance. It doesn't matter if I am trying to work or watch TV, he needs to sit on my lap.”


But Nugget still gets anxious from time to time and is fearful of new people. The potato cabinet offers him a comfortable place to hide anytime the rescue cat feels shy or scared.

“I think he likes it so much because of the earthy smell and it being so peaceful,” Anshu said. “It's dark inside, so he probably feels very cozy in there, where he can safely look on at the outside world.”

And for Nugget, the more potatoes, the better: “He doesn't do much in there — just loafs and purrs,” Anshu said. “He actually seems to like it even more when we have more potatoes!”

Nugget isn’t interested in eating the potatoes, nor does he have enough teeth to take a bite out of one. He simply likes to sit peacefully in the cabinet, guarding his potato babies until they’re ready to be turned into dinner.

“It's just his default thing to do now,” Anshu said. “Every time I go into the kitchen, he is trailing behind me and standing beside the cabinet so that I can open it and let him inside.”

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