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Cat Runs To Say 'Good Morning' Every Time His Neighbors Open Their Blinds

“I still find it super cute every time he does it" 😻

Anatole the cat and his family moved into their house in Switzerland in 2014 — and almost immediately, Anatole decided he was going to be best friends with his new neighbors.

“He started coming to our house almost as soon as they moved in,” Leonard Leder, Anatole’s neighbor, told The Dodo. “Ever since, we'd welcome him every day in our home, feed him, let him sleep (only [during] the day) and of course pet him a lot.” 

cat hears blinds
Leonard Leder

Anatole hangs out with his neighbors every day now, but it took him a little while to develop a routine and figure out the best way to get their attention so they would let him inside. 

“At the beginning he showed up at random times, sitting in front of one of our windows,” Leder said. “If we weren't there to open [it for] him, he would try another window.” 

cat hears blinds
Leonard Leder

Then a few years ago, Anatole figured out the perfect system. Now, every morning, he waits until he hears the kitchen blinds going up … 

… and immediately runs to greet his friends. 

Anatole has figured out that the sound of the blinds means his friends are finally awake and ready to start their day, and of course, ready to hang out with him again. 

cat hears blinds
Leonard Leder

“I still find it super cute every time he does it,” Leder said.

Anatole’s parents know that he hangs out with the neighbors every day and don’t seem to mind in the slightest. As long as he’s safe and having fun they’re happy for him, and Anatole is definitely very happy getting to see his best friends every day.

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