Cat Goes On Adventure And Returns Home With A Note Around His Neck

He racked up a debt 😂

This cat’s not one to let any secrets slip when it comes to the details of his grand adventures. Sure, you can ask — but his lips are sealed.

Unbeknownst to him, however, someone recently found a workaround.

For three days, the cat had been missing from his home in Thailand, according to a now-viral post. When eventually did return home, he was likely confident that his goings-on during his time away would never be found out. Well, he was wrong.

Around the cat's neck was a note.

Turns out, (surprise surprise) in the days he was missing, the cat had made his way to a local fish market. There, he evidently did some "business" with one of the vendors.

"Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three,” the note read.

Now, one might assume the mackerel handoff was some act of charity. But apparently not.

The fish vendor went on to write their contact info down, too — presumably so that the cat's owner could pay off the debt.

There's no telling if the fact that the cat has been running up a tab while out and about has caused his owner to clamp down on his freedom to roam, but one thing is clear: Adventures, especially of the culinary sort, are always easier when someone else is footing the bill.