Cat Goes On Adventure In Attic And Comes Back Completely Blue

“Lily! What — why are you blue?!"

Lily has always been a curious cat, and one day while her dad was working in the garage, she decided to explore the attic for a while. Her family knew there was nothing dangerous up there, so they weren’t too worried. They expected her to have a calm adventure — until she came back with her fur dyed blue.

“Lily! What — why are you blue?!” TikTok user Raven Lark, one of Lily’s family members, said in a TikTok video.

At first, no one had any idea what Lily could have possibly gotten into that would turn her fur blue, which made them wonder what exactly was up in the attic. They thought maybe it could be construction chalk or something along those lines. Lily was cleaned up immediately, and the next day, Lark went up to investigate to find the culprit of the blue fur.

“I think she was somewhere in the very back,” Lark said while exploring the attic in a TikTok video.

After a little searching, Lark found it. Her dad had predicted it was a disintegrating shipping blanket that had turned Lily’s fur blue, and he was absolutely right.

“She must have been laying on it and rolling in it 'cause she likes to roll in things,” Lark said in the video.

Everyone was relieved to have solved the mystery, except Dad, who had somehow known what had happened all along.

“We were all wrong, and my dad apparently has memorized what's in the attic,” Lark wrote on TikTok.