Cat Finds Snake Trapped Outside The Window And Immediately Runs For Help

“Storm has alerted me to a baby bunny, frogs, a mole … and any time we have bugs in the house."

Ever since she was a tiny kitten, Storm has always loved to speak her mind. She loves telling her family all about the things she finds around the house and what she’s up to at any given moment, and they’re always waiting to see what she’s going to tell them next.

“Storm is very curious,” Caitlyn Hartley, Storm’s mom, told The Dodo. “She makes all sorts of noises. She's very playful and is also very vocal. She talks to us a lot.”

Caitlyn Hartley

One of the things that causes Storm to speak her mind the most is when she discovers an animal friend who needs help. Outside her family’s basement window, there’s a little pocket where sometimes wildlife will get stuck. Storm really loves hanging out in the basement, where she can play in her cat condo and slide around on the floor, so if an animal needs help, she’s often the first to notice and will promptly alert her family of the situation.

“Storm has alerted me to a baby bunny, frogs, a mole … and any time we have bugs in the house, like stink bugs, spiders, beetles, you name it,” Hartley said.

Caitlyn Hartley

One day, Storm was trying to get her mom’s attention and get her to come down to the basement with her. Her mom just figured she wanted to play — but when she got down to the basement, she realized that someone else had gotten stuck, and the culprit gave her quite the scare.

“I reacted pretty much in shock,” Hartley said. “I was not expecting a snake to get stuck there, and he was a decent size garter snake.”

Storm, on the other hand, wasn’t scared at all and kept pressing her nose up against the window to try and make friends with the snake. It was as if she was trying to say, “Don’t worry, my parents will help you! They always do!”

It appeared that the poor snake really couldn’t move at all, so Storm’s parents quickly put a rescue plan into action as Storm supervised.

“In order to get the snake out, my husband opened that window from the inside … [He] wore gloves, and when he opened the window and screen, he grabbed the snake quickly and gently and dropped him into the box I was holding,” Hartley said. “I had to quickly put the sides of the box down enough so the snake didn't jump back out. I carried the snake outside and released it into the cluster of trees by our house.”

Luckily, the snake wasn’t injured and seemed OK. Once he realized he was free, he slithered off into the trees as if nothing had ever happened. He went back to living his life — and Storm went back to patrolling the basement for animal friends who may need her help.

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