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Cat Finally Finds Where Mom's Been Hiding All The Catnip

"Maggie really was living her best life at that moment."

Anna Yvette Hoffman and her family have eight cats, two dogs, a bird and two potbellied pigs, so they’re always looking for ways to make their house more animal-friendly. Since the family has so many cats, Hoffman recently decided it would be fun to try growing her own catnip. 

“I had never done it before so I took special care in following the instructions I found online,” Hoffman told The Dodo. “The important part I was looking forward to was when it flowered. Apparently that is when I would harvest the plant and hang it up to dry before giving it to the cats.” 

catnip plant
Anna Yvette Hoffman

Hoffman grows most of her plants in boxes along her fence to keep them away from the curious mouths of all the animals, since they all love playing outside. One of her cats, Maggie, especially loves to explore outside in the summertime with her best friends, Albert and Charlotte the pigs. 

“She spends her time lying with Charlotte and Albert while they graze,” Hoffman said. “On really hot days she chooses a shady spot where she can still see her BFFs.” 

catnip plant
Anna Yvette Hoffman

One day, Maggie was roaming around outside when she discovered her mom’s catnip plant — and immediately dove right into it. 

“I was in the kitchen washing dishes and when I looked out the window, I saw Maggie in the catnip pot,” Hoffman said. “I was already laughing hysterically. Maggie really was living her best life at that moment. I wasn’t upset by any means: I was simply shocked and tickled at the same time.” 

Hoffman tried her hardest to convince Maggie to get out of the plant before it was all completely crushed, but after a while it was too late. Maggie had claimed the catnip plant as her own, and that was that. 

“When Maggie had gotten her fill, she rolled out of the pot and onto the ground,” Hoffman said. “She then proceeded to roll around in her grassy paradise.”

Now, every time Maggie goes outside, she makes sure to spend lots of time rolling around in her very own catnip café. Unfortunately, Hoffman won’t be able to dry the catnip to share with the rest of her cats now that Maggie has set up camp in the catnip pot — but the plant has made Maggie so happy, and that’s all that really matters. 

“The plants are beyond saving,” Hoffman said. “I just let her do her thing while the plants struggle in a downward motion trying to grow but drowning in Maggie’s joy.”