Rescue Cat Finds Chipmunk Outside During Storm And Knows Exactly What To Do

“Maybe she remembers us bringing her in last winter and she was just returning the favor” ❤️️

Indi showed up at her now-family's door last winter, meowing for help. She was so skinny they thought she was only a kitten, but after getting her checked out by a vet, they learned she was already 2 years old. They immediately decided to adopt her, but she had trouble adjusting to life inside with siblings and lots of goings on. Instead, her parents made her a home in their barn, complete with a TV, a cat tree, tons of toys and a cozy fireplace.

cute cat
The Unbroken Smile

Indi has a little cat door so she can play outside whenever she wants, but usually when the weather is bad, she prefers to stay inside. During a recent winter storm, Indi’s family assumed she’d been inside all day and went to secure the cat door before bed so she couldn’t get out at night. They didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, and said goodnight to Indi and headed off to sleep.

The next morning, they went to unlock the cat door and say good morning to Indi — and discovered a chipmunk napping in front of the fireplace.

chipmunk rescue
The Unbroken Smile

It seems that Indi must have gone out in the storm the day before after all, and when she saw the cold little chipmunk in need of help, she happily brought him inside the same way her family welcomed her in last winter. They hadn’t noticed him when they said goodnight to Indi, and the pair spent the night together cozy by the fire.

“The chipmunk was sleeping at first, [and] I thought maybe something was wrong with it,” The Unbroken Smile, Indi’s family (who asked that their real name not be included), told The Dodo. “But as I got closer, I [saw] it breathing and it slowly opened its eyes and just started at me. Some followers on social media believed he was in or going into hibernation. Either way, it looked pretty cozy.”

Indi kept going over to watch over the chipmunk and make sure he was OK. She seemed to care about him, and her family couldn’t get over how unbelievably sweet it was.

The Unbroken Smile

“Indi walked over and checked on it and looked back at me like she wanted to make sure I [saw] it and [knew] she was a good girl,” The Unbroken Smile said.

Indi and her family hung out in the barn and watched over the chipmunk for a while, and once he seemed more awake and alert, they brought him outside to see if they could return him to his home. The storm had passed and the little guy seemed ready to get back to his friends.

chipmunk rescue
The Unbroken Smile

“I started calling the chipmunk Alvin,” The Unbroken Smile said. “I went out and set it down next to the border of our yard and the woods. It hung out for about 30 seconds and then took off running into a brush pile. I imagine it had quite the story to tell Simon and Theodore and all of its friends. I keep thinking I’m going to go out to the polebarn and there will be a whole family snuggled up under my fireplace.”

When faced with someone who needed help, Indi knew exactly what to do, and her family can’t help but think she was leading by example.

“Maybe she remembers us bringing her in last winter and she was just returning the favor,” The Unbroken Smile said.