Cat Falls In Love With Statue That Looks Just Like Him

He likes to hug it ❤️👯‍♂️

Jenny Salzer was browsing around Goodwill in March when she came across a statue of a black cat.

It had a few scuffs and scrapes, but the eerie resemblance to her cat Cosmo couldn’t be denied.  

Cat falls in love with cat statue
Jenny Salzer

Salzer bought the cat statue and placed it on the steps in front of her house. She forgot about the impulse purchase until, one day, she was sitting outside with Cosmo when he spotted it. 

The cat was immediately intrigued by his strange twin and started sniffing it and rubbing his face on the stone. Cosmo usually likes soft things. "He loves to play! He also likes to cuddle and make biscuits on anything fuzzy," Salzer told The Dodo. But the statue seemed to be the exception.

Black cat finds twin statue
Jenny Salzer

In the months since then, Cosmo has grown more and more attached to the statue. Occasionally, Salzer will catch Cosmo wrapping his paws around the statue in a big hug, and rubbing his face on its face as if to claim it.

“He normally likes the statue, but he hadn't loved on it so much before,” Salzer said.

Jenny Salzer

Whenever the mostly indoor cat is allowed to spend some time in the yard under his mom’s supervision, he enjoys hanging out with his friend. When Cosmo isn't showing the statue affection, he just seems to enjoys its company: “He sits next to it sometimes,” Salzer said.

Whether or not Cosmo recognizes a little of himself in the statue, Salzer couldn't be happier with her purchase and Cosmo clearly couldn't either.