Brave Cat Steps In Like A Boss When He Sees A Dog Bullying His Brother

"Butter was promptly given treats after his courageous act."

This is Butter — a sweet, friendly cat with an outgoing personality. Typically, Butter is pretty chill and easygoing.

But he's certainly not one to back down against a bully.

Pedro Teles

The other morning, Butter was lounging in front of the house while owner Pedro Teles' dad took their family dog, Mochi, out to do his business. It was a peaceful morning, but it didn't stay that way for long.

Suddenly, another man and his dog appeared — and a little scene erupted.

"[The man's] dog took notice of Mochi and started barking," Teles told The Dodo. "My cat probably saw this and thought something was going down."

Mochi was scared, though the stranger dog may have just been wanting to play. Butter, however, wasn't taking any chances.

Here's what happened next:

Had Butter misread the situation? Perhaps. Thankfully, the bullying dog wasn't injured. He'd just been put in his place. Not even his owner deemed the swat unjustified.

"My dad apologized," Teles said. "The man wasn’t upset, but instead surprised and in awe [of what Butter did]."

Butter had shown his bravery. And it was all for Mochi's benefit.

Pedro Teles

"My dad says that Mochi was wagging his tail as soon as they got back inside. I think Mochi appreciates what Butter did there," Teles said. "Butter was promptly given treats after his courageous act."