Cat Dedicates His Life To Turning Wooden Banister Into A Work Of 'Art'

He's been at if for over a decade 😂

It’s been 11 years now since this sweet cat named Cedric was rescued from the streets as a kitten by his mom, Anita Corrie Schellevis.

That was also around the time he started in on what would become his life’s work — a masterpiece of sorts that’s been more than a decade in the making.

Cedric, it turns out, isn’t just a cat. He’s an artist, too.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

It wasn’t long after Schellevis brought Cedric home that she realized just what a special cat he is. Not only is he an incredibly loving and caring pet, Cedric’s generally pretty conscientious, too.

“He is the best cat I have ever had,” Schellevis told The Dodo. “He doesn't touch or wreck anything.”

Schellevis is quick to point out one notable exception, however.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

For whatever reason, despite having access to several scratching posts throughout the house, Cedric has decided to pour all his clawing efforts into this — a single banister at the top of the stairs.

“He took to the post right away,” Schellevis said.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

The year was 2012 when a young Cedric first sank his claws into that once-pristine banister, scratching away at its surface.

No one could have guessed what the artist had in mind.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

Eleven years later, Cedric still hasn’t stopped. The banister is now unrecognizable.

Anita Corrie

“He scratches at the post at least three or four times a day,” Schellevis said. “His favorite time to scratch it is when people come over to visit. It's like a show-off thing.”

For Cedric, his work is a gift to the world.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

Schellevis has long since accepted that the banister would be transformed by her cat's desire to claw at it — and, to her credit, she's never tried to discourage him.

"The post was Cedric's from day one," she said.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

The banister has gotten significantly whittled down over the years, though it seems that Cedric has yet to apply his final touch.

Indeed, even after 11 years, it's still a work in progress.

Anita Corrie Schellevis

Sure, some might say that Cedric has actually "destroyed" the wooden banister with his relentless clawing — but, like a lot of art, its beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cedric certainly sees it that way, and Schellevis does, too.

"He's totally proud of himself!" Schellevis said. "It's definitely a conversation piece. The post is right in the middle of my house, so it's very noticeable. My only complaint is the slivers it makes. Not so much fun stuck in your shoes!"