Cat Comes Running Every Time The Dishwasher Finishes A Cycle

It's her daily spa treatment 🥰

Gripen has been with her family since she was a kitten, and she’s always loved getting involved in things around the house, even when she isn’t supposed to.

“She is a very funny, nosy and curious girl,” Micaela Strömberg, Gripen’s mom, told The Dodo. “She loves mischief and has, since she was a kitten, dragged around towels and even curtains that I hanged up to dry. She steals my food that I left on the counter for later, steals my dishcloth and plays with the two dalmatians I also have.”

cat stealing food
Micaela Strömberg

Gripen definitely has a lot of energy — but the one thing she’ll always calm down for is the dishwasher.

One day, when Gripen managed to get up onto the counter, she discovered that when the dishwasher is finished running and gets opened, it lets out a cloud of steam that’s basically like a spa treatment — and the curious cat was immediately hooked. Now, whenever Gripen hears the dishwasher has finished a cycle, she comes running and sits on the counter above it, waiting for her daily steam facial. Sometimes she’ll even arrive early, just to be safe.

Micaela Strömberg

“She lays on the counter every time the dishwasher is running, a few times a week,” Strömberg said. “She sits there about 20 minutes.”

cat loves dishwasher
Micaela Strömberg

As soon as the dishwasher opens, Gripen lets the steam wash over her, and the look on her face says it all.

Gripen may be a little rowdy a lot of the time, but her dishwasher spa treatments are the one time of day when she’s always relaxed. It may be a little weird, but it works for her — so why not, right?