Cat Catches Her Brother Stealing Her Food And Decides To Make Him Pay

“She’s showing him whose boss.”

Meet Xeno and Luna — a hilarious pair of siblings whose relationship has its typical ups and downs. One minute, the two cats are curled up next to each other, slumbering away peacefully, and the next, they’re pinning each other down in a passionate wrestling match.

Xeno, an orange tabby cat, and Luna, a brown and black tabby, have been play-fighting all their lives. Having lived together since they were kittens, the brother and sister are experts at pushing each other’s buttons. Usually, Xeno and Luna’s fights are just for fun, but recently Luna caught her brother committing the ultimate crime, and she had no choice but to punish him.

You can watch them play here:

Even though the two siblings are the same age, Luna’s always had the upper hand when it comes to pinning Xeno down.

“I guess Luna could beat up her brother ever since they were little,” the cats’ mom wrote on TikTok.

Because of this, Xeno quickly learned what he needed to do to keep his sister happy, starting with her food dish.

“As kittens, Xeno would always push Luna out of the way and finish her food when we weren’t watching,” their mom wrote on TikTok. “Now, he waits [‘til] she’s full.”

Learning how to wait for Luna to finish eating before diving into her food bowl was a big step for Xeno. On top of being a huge cuddler, Xeno’s mom says that he’s also a food lover.

“He’s a big foodie,” Xeno’s mom wrote about him on TikTok.

But, as much as he loves kibble, Xeno’s mom knows exactly why the hungry cat stopped pushing his sister out of the way: She’s the boss.

“[Luna’s] in charge,” the cats’ mom wrote in a TikTok.

Still, Xeno likes to push his sister’s buttons whenever he can. This is why he recently found himself trapped inside an empty donut box with his sister standing on the lid.

“Luna decided to punish Xeno for eating all her food,” their mom wrote on TikTok.

Ever the hungry cat, Xeno couldn’t help but inhale his sister’s entire meal before she was finished. Moments later, he was dealing with the consequences.

After their meal, the two cats started playing with the donut box together. But, as soon as Xeno placed himself inside, Luna saw it as the perfect opportunity to teach her brother a lesson for his earlier antics.

“Stealing cat food is a serious [offense] in this house,” their mom wrote in a comment on TikTok. “She’s showing him whose boss.”

Xeno eventually broke free from his sister’s trap and waited for her to step inside the donut box herself. Once she did, Xeno leapt on top of the box and held the lid down with his body weight just as his sister had minutes before.

To Xeno’s dismay, Luna jumped out seconds later, effectively rolling him off the box.

“Xeno tried to get revenge, but lost to his sister,” their mom wrote on TikTok. “Luna’s tactic was superior.”

In the end, the two cats settled their feud with a side-by-side nap — which, of course, resulted in an impromptu wrestling match moments later.

They might play-fight every day, but there’s no love lost between Xeno and Luna. In fact, the two have a bond that can’t be broken. When they’re not swatting at each other’s tails or wrestling over food, they can usually be found cuddled up next to each other.

Having to share everything with a sibling isn’t always fun, but Xeno and Luna wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Even though they fight, they are best friends,” their mom wrote on TikTok. “[Xeno] loves his sister.”

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