Cat Always Threatens Mom With Property Damage Until She Gets Her Way

When Skipurr wants attention, she gets it.

Being a pet dependent on her parent for nearly everything, it might not seem like this cat named Skipurr could hold too much sway regarding their routine at home.

But, evidently, Skipurr discovered just the thing to spur her mom to action.

One day, while Skipurr was lounging around with her mom, Jacqui, she began to idly investigate the power cord dangling from Jacqui’s phone. It started with an up-close gaze and a few curious sniffs — but then Skipurr seemed to go in for a nibble.

At that, Jacqui dropped everything in order to distract her cat away from causing damage to the cable.

Skipurr, it seems, took note.


Before long, Skipurr began returning to the power cord as a way of getting her mom’s attention — mostly to suggest that a snack or two be offered.

She'll sidle up to the cord and pretend to chew on it until Jacqui stops whatever she was doing to focus instead on her.

Skipurr doesn’t actually bite down on the cord. It’s apparently just a threat.

It didn’t take long for Jacqui to catch on: “I realized she was faking,” she told The Dodo.

Still, Jacqui doesn’t let on that she knows Skipurr’s only bluffing. She plays along, fulfilling her cat's request for food or attention.

“It’s actually no trained trick! She just started doing it one day when she realized poking me in the face wasn’t going to get me out of bed to feed her any faster. I’m probably encouraging the behavior… whoops!" Jacqui said. "Skipurr is the best cat I’ve ever known. She has so much personality!"

Though Skipurr seems to have no actual intent on chewing through the cord, some pets may be prone to causing real damage — putting them at risk of choking or even electric shock. Here’s a list of tips on curbing that behavior.