Pig Caught On Camera Running Away From Home To Steal Pumpkins

“He always has a little twinkle in his eye from all the mischief” 🎃

Carlton really loves pumpkins. The rescue pig can’t help himself. It doesn’t matter the size or color — if he spots a pumpkin on anyone’s porch, Carlton will take it. He even snuck out of his house in search of his beloved gourds — and neighbors caught it all on camera.

A pig runs down the sidewalk.
The Dodo/Amanda Quick

“I came outside one morning and there was a mangled jack-o'-lantern on the porch with pieces of it trailing down the sidewalk,” Amanda Quick, Carlton’s mom, told The Dodo. “Carlton was back in the yard, but the evidence was clear. He had made a break for it and had eaten the face off of someone's carved pumpkin!”

After that first taste, the clever pig couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into as many pumpkins as he could find, which meant Quick needed to keep a close watch or he’d disappear to investigate the neighborhood.

A pig rolls a pumpkin down the steps.
The Dodo/Amanda Quick

“It didn’t matter what I tried, changing locks, changing the leash,” Quick said. “He was going to find a way to get out and get people’s pumpkins.”

You can watch Carlton’s pumpkin thefts caught on camera here:

The Dodo/Amanda Quick

After the events, Quick apologized to those Carlton had wronged. Luckily, neighbors seemed amused by the determined pig’s pumpkin-centric appetite and offered him even more to chow down on.

“The neighbors were incredibly kind about it,” Quick said. “Eventually, [they] started requesting Carlton come to their house and eat their pumpkins. They would even leave pumpkins on my porch overnight for Carlton to find when he woke up the next day.”

Quick knew Carlton couldn’t eat that many pumpkins, so she donated the extras to Central Texas Pig Rescue, where she and Carlton first met. But don’t worry — he still has plenty to gorge. In the meantime, the rescue pig finds other ways to entertain himself.

The Dodo/Amanda Quick

“He is always looking for something to get into and then immediately checking to see if I noticed,” Quick said. “He’s the reason the phrase ‘hamming it up’ exists. He always has a little twinkle in his eye from all the mischief.”

When the happy-go-lucky pig isn’t stealing pumpkins, he’s burying the seeds all over Quick’s front yard, which became an accidental pumpkin patch. The hardest part is keeping the pumpkin-loving pig from eating them before they’re ready.

A pig eats pumpkins from his patch.
The Dodo/Amanda Quick

“I have to section off parts of the yard from him so that some of the pumpkins can mature,” Quick said. “Otherwise, he eats them all as soon as they fruit, and we would never get any big ones! His pumpkin patch has actually taken over our next-door neighbors' yard as well, but they don't seem to mind.”

Now Carlton has all the pumpkins he could ever want — no stealing required.

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