Cameras Capture Little Intruder Helping Himself To A Store Full Of Booze

"He had gone through a couple of bottles of vodka ..."

Upon arriving to work at Australian liquor store BWS earlier this month, a shop employee noticed something amiss.

The place appeared to have been ransacked overnight — with shelving shifted out of place and broken bottles strewn across the floor.

There’d been an intruder. But he was no run-of-the-mill criminal.


Turns out, a store security camera had captured the unlikely suspect in action.

It was an echidna — a small, spikey animal native to the region — who’d somehow gained entrance to the empty liquor store and proceeded to make himself right at home.

Footage shows the little mammal wandering the aisles, perusing the booze-lined shelves and fridges without a care in the world.

How the echidna had gotten into the shop is anyone’s guess. But he clearly wasn’t eager to leave.

The echidna was found beneath one of the shelving units, all tuckered out from his night on the town.

"He had gone through a couple of bottles of vodka and a bottle of chocolate Bailey's. He was sleeping it off for sure," the employee told Australia's ABC News.

Before long, rescuers from the New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) were on the scene to assist.

“It was ascertained that the echidna had really good taste, as the shelving it had climbed prior to finding its hiding spot was filled with bottles of champagne, all of which were now lying smashed all over the floor,” WIRES wrote.

Fortunately, the little guy wasn’t injured during his escapade, and rescuers were able to grab him.

In a safe location back outside, rescuers set him free.

“The echidna moved away in a straight line — it had obviously not consumed too much champagne during the night,” WIRES stated.

The echidna's alcohol-fueled adventure had come to an end — leaving behind a mess in his wake and, perhaps, a bit of a hangover.

"We hope the offender had learnt its lesson and will not enter and break again," WIRES said.