Woman Sets Up Camera To See What Dog Does When She Leaves The House

Never leaving home again 🤷‍♀️❤️

Whenever Sundae’s mom would get home from running errands or whatever she was out doing, she always noticed that Sundae had collected some of her things and brought them to her dog bed. She thought it was such a sweet and funny habit and wanted to know more about it, so she decided to invest in a camera.

“When I’d leave her home, even if it was just for a little bit, I’d come back and she’d have my shoes, socks, basically any piece of clothing and sometimes random things like ChapStick in her bed,” Sundae’s mom told The Dodo. “I’d never actually seen her in the act of putting stuff in her bed, and was just really curious to see how she does it.”

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Sundae's Mom

Sundae’s mom left for the store one day for the first time since she set up the camera and was excited to find out exactly what Sundae does when she’s not home. She was at the store and got a notification from the camera system that there was movement in the house. She started watching the live feed on her phone — and what she saw made her want to cry.

Sundae had gotten up from her bed to go and lay by the door. Instead of wandering around the house, she just stayed there, waiting for her mom to finally come home again.

“Every time she repositioned by the door, I would get a notification,” Sundae’s mom said. “My heart literally broke; I was tearing up in the grocery store watching her wait for me.”

Waiting by the door seems to be Sundae’s routine whenever her mom leaves the house. She does get up from time to time to collect her mom’s things and put them in her bed, but otherwise, she just waits. It’s a routine that works for her — but it’s definitely made her mom never want to leave the house ever again.

“Just the thought is too much for my heart to handle,” Sundae’s mom said. “I’ll be taking her with me from now on to the store.”