Doorbell Camera Shows Cutest Little Family Moving Into People's Garage

"I was just amazed" 💕🐱

Jeffrey Peltier went into his garage late one Friday night to polish his motorcycle. He was anticipating a calm night — until he noticed a mama cat hiding under his motorcycle with two tiny kittens. 

The mama cat, Amelia, was a stray cat who was well known around the neighborhood, but this was the first time anyone had seen her with kittens. Peltier went inside and got the bathroom all ready for Amelia and her babies to stay in, and when he came back, two more kittens had suddenly appeared. 

Peltier put the whole family in a box and got them all settled into the bathroom for their stay. He then tried to figure out where the kittens had come from and how they’d all ended up in the garage — and after watching his Ring security camera footage, he was able to solve the mystery. 

cat and kittens in bathroom
Jeffrey Peltier

“I saw that Amelia had brought the kittens to my house Thursday afternoon, one by one,” Peltier told The Dodo. “When I saw the footage of her bringing the kittens over, I was just amazed. The previous day we had just had a tropical storm come close to Florida. I assume the next day she went looking for somewhere safe to put her kittens.”

Peltier hadn’t had any idea that Amelia and her kittens had been staying in his garage, but he was so glad she’d felt safe enough to bring them there. 

cat brings kittens into garage one by one
Jeffrey Peltier

After they’d gotten settled in and had some time to relax, Peltier took the whole family to the vet to get checked out and make sure everyone was doing OK. They’re all in good health, and the kittens will go back to the vet again in a few weeks to be vaccinated and get ready to be adopted out into loving homes. Amelia will also be spayed as soon as she’s done nursing her kittens. 

cat and kittens
Jeffrey Peltier

Since Amelia loves being outside, Peltier and his neighbor plan on sharing her, letting her roam around and stop by both their houses whenever she wants. Amelia has always known that Peltier’s house is a safe space — which is why she knew she could bring her kittens there and he would take care of the rest. Now, that’s her forever home, and she’ll always have a place to feel safe for the rest of her days. 

Jeffrey Peltier

“We are happy that she has these beautiful kittens, and I will make sure that they find good, safe homes,” Peltier said.