Camera Catches Woman’s Sweet Gesture For Dog When Earthquake Strikes

“I knew he was afraid ...”

This sweet pup named Owen was an injured stray dog when he was found and rescued by his mom, Goody Wu, in Taiwan.

Wu had saved Owen’s life that day, and he’s since grown into a happy, healthy pet. But she’s still there for him when he needs her most.

Goody Wu

The other day, Wu and Owen were enjoying a quiet day together at home when, without warning, the world around them began to shake. Owen was the first to sense it — hopping to his feet as the initial rumbling grew into a magnitude 6.5 earthquake.

Wu had good reason to be concerned for her own safety. But seeing how frightened the quake was making Owen, her instinct was to keep him safe first and foremost.

“I knew he was afraid,” Wu told The Dodo. “So I held him in my arms to comfort him and, if things began to fall, to use my body to protect him.”

A camera Wu has at home captured that moment on video:

Wu’s sweet gesture for Owen came as instinct. She’s his protector, after all.

Fortunately, after the shaking subsided, both were safe and sound.

“He is a very brave dog, but he was scared during the earthquake,” Wu said. “When I held him, he felt at ease.”

Goody Wu

Though it was Wu who leapt into action to keep Owen calm and safe during that scary event, that pales in comparison to the love and joy the dog offers her each and every day.

“He is very smart and very loving. He’s my baby,” Wu said. “Dogs help us all their lives and bring us happiness, so we must protect them.”