Camera Catches Squirrel Having A Blast With Kid’s Toy Left In Yard

"That ball made his day. And he made ours."

The other day, Reddit user allmyquatloos was on an important call at home when something in the backyard caught their eye.

It was a squirrel having a ball. Literally.

Indeed, at the very same moment of that rather dull-sounding call, a fluffy-tailed visitor had dropped by to pass the time playing with a toy one of allmyquatloos' family members had apparently left outside. And what happened next couldn't have been cuter:

Though his handling of human playthings is remarkably advanced, allmyquatloos confirmed that the squirrel isn't a domesticated animal. Evidently, he's just a fan of horsing around.

And thanks to that adorable footage, people are now a fan of his.

"That ball made his day," one Reddit user wrote in response. "And he made ours."