Camera Catches Playful Otters Having The Time Of Their Lives In The Snow

They're loving it ❄️

With winter now in full swing, the bustle of life has largely quieted beneath a blanket of fallen snow. But while many animals have now retreated into their cozy winter dens, the cold weather hasn’t brought an end to the fun for everyone.

Just ask this happy gang of playful otters.

Cassie Wistrom

Seattle resident Cassie Wistrom was gazing out over the chilly waters of Lake Washington recently when she spotted the river otter group making merry on a snowy dock.

Rather than becoming lethargic in the freezing temperature, these otters appeared to become more frolicsome — slipping and sliding around like little kids on a snow day.

Here’s that scene on video:

Unlike some animals who go into hibernation during the winter, river otters do not. In fact, during colder months, these mostly nocturnal animals actually become more active during the daytime.

Thanks to their thick coats of dense fur, they can handle things just fine when the mercury drops — meaning, for them, the fun never stops.