Camera Catches Dog's Reaction After Dad Tells Him To Come Back Inside

Wilson isn't having it 😂

Some like it hot. Wilson, on the other hand, does not. 

This sweet husky mix loves nothing more than a cold day spent outdoors — and his owner has video to prove it.

Taylor Reed

After a warm summer, things are just starting to cool off in the region of Alabama where Wilson lives with his owner, Taylor Reed. The chillier weather couldn't have come sooner.

You see, Wilson really hates it hot.

"During the summer, you can typically find him in the coldest spots of the house — laying on top of air vents or curled around the cold porcelain toilet," Reed told The Dodo.

But now those days have passed.

Taylor Reed

With temperatures dropping below freezing, Wilson has begun to insist on spending every waking moment chilling in the front yard. And if it starts to rain or snow? Even better.

"He loves it," Reed said.

But apparently, not everybody knew that. The other day, Reed ran across a few posts online from his neighbors expressing concern about dogs being left outside in the cold. And while that's certainly valid in many cases, Wilson was another story.

To alleviate those concerns about his pup, Reed decided to share a video showing what happens when he asks Wilson to come inside: 

"I didn't want people to think I was the bad dog-parent neighbor," he said.

Wilson is insistent on staying outdoors — so much so, in fact, that Reed has had to compromise.

"I typically ask him to come in every so often to hang out with me. I work from home and would like for him to spend some time inside with me, but I learned I just have to bundle up and embrace the cold and go outside with him," Reed said.

So far, Reed has found just one way to convince Wilson to come in for the night.

Taylor Reed

He uses bribery.

"The only trick I have learned to get him inside is to jingle my car keys and say, 'Let's go for a ride,'" Reed said. "Wilson is smart, so if I didn't actually take him [on a ride], that trick would not work for long. So, before bed each night, I take him on a quick five-minute car ride down the street and back, letting him hang out the window for one last feel of the cold air before taking him to bed."

For a cold-loving dog, the arrangement Wilson has with his dad sure is heartwarming.