Security Camera Captures Dog Saving Her Little Brother Who Fell Into Pool

"We were stunned."

Recently, while his parents were away from home, this little dog named Chuck had a mishap that very nearly ended in tragedy.

He'd fallen into his family's backyard swimming pool and wasn't able to get out on his own.

Byron Thanarayen

Fortunately for Chuck, his dire predicament didn't go unnoticed.

Before long, a furry hero came to save the day — his sister, Jessie.

Byron Thanarayen

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife arrived home and noticed that Chuck was all wet, they decided to review the security camera footage to find out what had happened. In it, they saw Chuck slip into the water — which prompted Jessie to leap into action.

"We were stunned," Thanarayen told The Dodo.

Chuck had tried to climb out of the pool on his own, but was unable. Jessie, meanwhile, stayed close by, awaiting the moment she could reach Chuck to pull him to safety.

It took several tense minutes — but in the end, Jessie's persistence to save her brother paid off:

The footage made it clear that, without Jessie's help, Chuck could very easily have drowned that day.

She had saved his life.

"We had no idea Jessie was such a little hero," Thanarayen said. "I mean, she is a very lovable, caring and warm-natured dog. But we never thought that she had that hero streak in her."

Byron Thanarayen

Never before had either dog fallen into the pool. But now that Thanarayen and his wife have seen the danger firsthand, they plan to take action to prevent another incident.

Jessie, meanwhile, is getting all the praise that a hero like her deserves.

"She received lots of treats and hugs and kisses, and still receives so much attention and appreciation," Thanarayen said. "She loves Chuck a lot. I always knew she was a special dog, and this just proves it."