Camera Captures A Pair Of Lifelong Lovers Dancing In The Sky

They're in perfect harmony ❤️

Ravens are believed to be monogamous birds, typically maintaining a single partner throughout their lives. But even after years together, their romance doesn’t fade.

Just ask Ryan Lumley. He recently witnessed a raven couple’s breathtaking display of love firsthand.


One evening, Lumley and a companion were walking near a cliff overlooking the ocean when something caught their eyes. There, in the clear sky above them, were two ravens — but they were doing more than merely flying.

They were dancing.

As the passersby looked on, the two birds soared in perfect unison, rising and diving and pirouetting in majestic harmony.

Here’s that moment on video:

It’s difficult to say how long the two birds Lumley witnessed have been together, of course, but behavior like this is believed to be common among old and new pairings alike.

“[In] the same way that a human couple sometimes has to work to maintain their attachment, a pair of ravens exhibits behaviors that strengthen their relationship, or ‘pair bond,’” Ellen Blackstone of wrote. “Throughout the year, a pair of ravens may soar wingtip to wingtip, swooping in unison, tumbling through the sky.”

In short, they dance to keep their lifelong loves alive — and what a beautiful dance it is.