Camera Attached To Collar Reveals The Secret Life Of An Adventurous Cat

It's like a little action movie 🐈

Cats really aren’t ones to give up their secrets so easily — especially when it comes to the details of their outdoor adventures. But rather than ask, this person did the next best thing.

They put a camera on their cat’s collar to record the world as he sees it. And the results are quite stunning.

The short video that resulted, posted to TikTok last week, plays out like a little action movie, including some daring leaps and even a chase scene:

The clip concludes after the camera apparently became detached from the collar — ending with a surprise cameo from a curious sausage dog.

Ultimately, it was to be just a fleeting glimpse into the secret world of a cat. But, there’s no doubt, his adventure goes on and on.

In catlike fashion, he’ll keep the rest of that to himself.