Bunny Couldn't Care Less That He's Stuck In The Food Jar

"Noodles was the most excited ever, just eating as much as he could, while we had no idea of what to do.”

If you ask Noodles' family how to describe him, they would say he’s very lively — and frankly, that’s putting it lightly. 

“He runs around the house all the time, jumps in the most weird places and he's very destructive,” Francesca Iovane, Noodles' mom, told The Dodo. “You think you put out of his range everything he could destroy and then he finds something else. He just ate a piece from my boyfriend's suitcase and I still don't know how to tell him.” 

bunny eating a treat
Francesca Iovane

Noodles is very food-obsessed, and is constantly trying to find ways to steal extra treats. He’s succeeded quite a few times, no matter how hard his family tries to stop him. 

bunny steals treats
Francesca Iovane

One day, Iovane’s dad was watching Noodles in the other room when suddenly she heard a commotion. She went to see what was going on — and discovered that Noodles had somehow gotten himself wedged inside the pellets jar. 

“I looked at the jar, then at my dad, and we were just there unable to realize what just happened,” Iovane said. “Then we started just to panic, like laugh and cry and scream all [at] once. Noodles was the most excited ever, just eating as much as he could, while we had no idea of what to do.” 

bunny stuck in jar
Francesca Iovane

At first, they recorded a quick clip of Noodles in the jar so that they could send it to people to see if they had any ideas. Iovane quickly decided they couldn’t wait, though, as she was worried about Noodles being stuck in there for too long. She ran to her room to get a shoebox, hoping she could somehow dump Noodles and all of the pellets safely into it without hurting him. 

“I took the first shoebox I could get, threw the shoes on the ground,” Iovane said. “My mom saw me doing it and she didn't know what happened in the other room, so she just watched me really confused. I screamed, ‘NO TIME TO EXPLAIN’ and run again to my dad who still had a jarred bunny in his hands.”

As his family panicked around him, Noodles continued to eat. To him, it was his greatest stunt yet. He had absolutely no desire to leave the jar anytime soon. There were still too many pellets left to enjoy. 

Francesca Iovane

“I took the jar and slowly inclined it, praying not to hurt my little one, but Noodles DIDN'T WANT TO COME OUT,” Iovane said. “Hundred of pellets came out but he tried to climb as hard as he could, but you can't climb on glass so he just fell in the box full of pellets, just to keep eating.” 

Iovane immediately picked Noodles up to make sure he was OK. He was completely fine — just incredibly annoyed that he’d been pulled away from his delicious snack. 

woman hugging bunny
Francesca Iovane

“I lifted him up and I hugged him, I was so happy he was out and OK, but he hates hugs so he jumped off, on the ground, and he was still looking for pellets because he could [smell them],” Iovane said. “He [spun] around and around, not realizing the smell was himself.”

Shortly after the incident, Iovane stopped keeping the pellets in a jar so it would never happen again, much to Noodles' dismay. Of course, he’s determined to keep finding ways to steal snacks, even if he has to give his family a few good scares in the process.

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