Brave River Otters Team Up To Keep A Hungry Jaguar At Bay

"Giant otters are one of my favorite animals ... but I had never watched them argue with a jaguar."

In the world’s largest tropical wetland, known as the Pantanal of Brazil, giant river otters rule the waterways. On land, jaguars reign supreme.

Recently, wildlife photographer Daniel De Granville captured video of what happens when the two meet.

While traveling through the Pantanal last April, De Granville happened upon a curious scene. There, perched on a fallen log along a riverbank was a jaguar — on the hunt, it seemed, for an easy meal. But the majestic big cat found his intended prey was anything but a pushover.

“The local guides said that the otters had their den right near that fallen log, and the jaguar was probably looking for some unattended cub,” De Granville told The Dodo.

The otters refused to back down — instead, they teamed up to keep the jaguar at bay.

Here's footage of what happened next:

In the end, the jaguar thought best to continue on his way. Still, the encounter is one De Granville won't soon forget.

"It was very exciting to witness two of the Pantanal's top predators — one from the water and another from the land — coming face to face," De Granville said. "Giant otters are one of my favorite animals and I have seen their behavior in various situations. But I had never watched them argue with a jaguar."