Brave Bus Driver Goes Above And Beyond For A Giant Snake In The Road

"Not all heroes wear capes" ❤️🐍

This week, along a busy road in Queensland, Australia, motorists and pedestrians bore witness to kindness and compassion in their purist forms.

And it’s earning an anonymous hero plenty of well-deserved praise.

In a video obtained by 9 News Gold Coast, a bus driver is seen having stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic before stepping off into the street. The reason why soon becomes clear.

There, perilously positioned among passing cars, was a large snake — identified as a python. The bus driver had dropped everything to save her life:

Pythons of the region are non-venomous and generally pose no real threat to people — but clearly, handling them still isn’t for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, the brave bus driver seems to have put any fears aside in order to move her someplace safer.


Chances are, no one would have faulted the bus driver had he merely continued on his way, choosing not to stop and help as so many others had. But he was compelled, it seems, by the notion that everyone should get home safe — not just his passengers.

"The guy has guts, that’s for sure, well done!" one commenter wrote.

"Not all heroes wear capes," another added.

Indeed, sometimes they dress as bus drivers.