Boy Notices Tiny Lump Near Playground And Ends Up Saving A Life

“We couldn't tell what it was until we got a bit closer.”

As a realtor in Sonoma County, California, Jake Denniston knows a lot about finding someone a new home. Recently, he helped find a safe home for an unlikely client when his son, Aonyx, noticed a strange, fuzzy lump on a cement path near a playground they were visiting.

“We couldn't tell what it was until we got a bit closer,” Denniston told The Dodo.

Jake Denniston

As they approached, Denniston and his son realized the little animal was a baby possum who appeared to be all alone.

baby possum
Jake Denniston

At first, Denniston and his son were charmed by the little guy. Eventually, they realized he might be in danger.

“We hung out with the possum for about 5 minutes just watching him,” Denniston said. “Then we realized he was really small and should probably be with his mom, so we called the wildlife rescue, then texted them a picture of the possum, and they agreed he shouldn't be on his own.”

Staff members at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue instructed Denniston and his son to carefully grab the baby and bring him to the shelter. Gently, Denniston placed the possum in a clean bag he found nearby. Then they were off.

boy holding possum
Jake Denniston

Safe in the bag, the possum began to open his eyes and look around.

“I think he knew we meant him no harm,” Denniston said.

Once at the rescue, the possum got the food and care that he needed. Aonyx was sad to say goodbye to his new friend but so happy to have helped. Today, the little animal is thriving and growing. He’ll remain at the rescue for a few months until he’s old enough to return to the woods, where he belongs.

Thanks to some quick thinking on behalf of Denniston and his son, this possum will get a second chance at life in the wild.

To help other animals like this possum, make a donation to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.