Bossy Little Bird Decides To Go For A Ride On A Very Surprised Osprey

So brave 😂

Ken Rohling has been taking photos of wildlife since he got his first camera at 6 years old and since then, he’s gone out to shoot almost every day. 

But recently, he observed some unusual animal behavior that he’ll remember for years to come.

While on a trip to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive near Orlando, Florida, Rohling spotted an osprey perching on a wire on top of a telephone pole. In his claw was a fish, and the osprey seemed intent on finishing his meal.

Red-winged blackbird rides osprey
Ken Rohling

But little did the osprey know that he’d stumbled into the territory of a small but bossy red-winged blackbird.

“A pair of red-winged blackbirds were sitting nearby and they just started to dive-bomb him,” Rohling told The Dodo. “He must have been close to their nest; they’re very, very territorial.”

Blackbird surfs on another bird's back
Ken Rohling

Red-winged blackbirds are not afraid to stand up to any large bird who flies into their area, and will use any means necessary to drive them off. This usually involves the blackbird being as annoying as possible.

“One took a couple scraping runs by him, but the other one — it was dozens of times that the bird would try to pull a feather out of his back,” Rohling said. “The osprey squawked and flapped his wings, but he tried to ignore them as much as he could.”

Ken Rohling

When plucking feathers didn’t work, the blackbird started landing on the osprey’s wings and back, riding him as if he was surfing. 

Ken Rohling

While ospreys don’t pose much of a threat to red-winged blackbirds, the bossy little birds have been caught riding bald eagles and red-tailed hawks as well.

After about 15 minutes, the osprey got tired of giving piggyback rides and decided to fly off.

Ken Rohling

The blackbirds returned to their nest triumphant — not feeling the least bit sorry for ruining the osprey’s lunch.

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