Bonded Dogs Have The Sweetest Reunion After Being Rescued Separately

“They needed each other” ❤️️

When rescuer Suzette Hall first responded to a phone call about a pair of stray dogs who needed help, two things suggested that the dogs were extremely bonded.

For one, neighbors told Hall that the dogs stayed close together and in the exact same spot where they’d presumably been abandoned two weeks ago. And, when they did get separated, they cried for each other.

two black dogs standing together next to a black gate
Suzette Hall

“It was heartbreaking to hear one howl for the other,” Hall told The Dodo.

During the initial rescue, the two dogs ran from Hall in different directions, which stressed them out even more.

“They would be looking, trying to find each other,” Hall said. “Then when they would see each other, they would go and run right back to each other.”

two black dogs standing on grass
Suzette Hall

Then, according to Hall, they would hide together under a car.

After a few hours, Hall was able to successfully trap one of the dogs, but her feelings of relief quickly evaporated when the second dog started crying out for her now-captured buddy.

“It was so sad,” Hall said.

With over one hundred rescues under her belt, Hall has one rule she never breaks: “I never leave someone behind.”

So, after bringing the first dog to her house at 3 a.m., Hall went straight back to the dead-end street where the second dog was still waiting.

black dog lying under a red truck
Suzette Hall

By this point, the second dog was wary of Hall and her trap. “Some of them are so smart and just know that they’re going to be trapped,” Hall said. “But they don’t realize that they’re going to be saved.”

After hours and hours of trying to capture the second dog, with the help of neighbors, Hall was finally able to get a slip-lead around the dog's neck. According to Hall, the neighbors celebrated the harrowing moment with her.

“I was screaming, ‘We got her! We got her!’ and the neighbors were all jumping up and down,” Hall said. “They were so excited.”

But nothing was more exciting than the moment when the two pups were reunited after being rescued.

Suzette Hall

“They’re totally bonded,” Hall said. “They still need each other.

With their bond in mind, Hall made sure that the two female dogs were placed in the same home once they were cleared for foster care by the vet.

But the pups’ family decided to adopt them soon after, officially making them “foster fails.”

two black dogs sleeping back-to-back
Suzette Hall

And, according to Hall, the girls are thriving.

“They’re total whole-new dogs,” Hall said. “And they got the most amazing home ever.”

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