Woman Is Delighted To Discover A Bobcat Family Relaxing On Her Porch

Adorable ❤️

Earlier this month, some unexpected visitors decided to drop by Kathy Maniscalco’s place in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It was a mother bobcat and her adorable babies.

As Maniscalco looked on in disbelief, the furry family walked up and plopped down on her porch right by a window — offering Maniscalco a front-row seat to their sweet mealtime routine.

The proud mother nursed her little ones without a care in the world.

Afterward, their bellies now full, the babies sprawled out for a nap (intermixed with some sleepy play fighting), giving their doting mom what was no doubt a much-needed break.

Maniscalco was delighted: "Adorable!" she wrote.

Though three bobcat babies were present for mealtime, that doesn't account for all the kids. There were actually five baby bobcats in total.

While their siblings snacked and snoozed, two kittens explored the structure surrounding the porch.

After making themselves more than at home on a stranger's front porch, that evening the bobcat mom and babies moved on — leaving behind an unforgettable memory for Maniscalco and her family.

"We're still amazed we got so much footage through the windows!" she wrote.