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Boat Crew Comes To The Rescue Of A Little Bird Who Was Lost At Sea

He was treated like a first-class passenger 🐦 ❀️

After being blown out to sea by strong winds along the coast of Maine, this poor little bird soon found himself facing what was likely the saddest of fates.

But then his luck changed.


Jacob Knowles and his crew just so happened to be passing by in their boat when they spotted the little bird in his watery predicament. Deciding to help, they pulled him from the water. But their efforts didn't end there.

During the long journey back to shore, the bird was given what might best be described as "first-class treatment" β€” including a warm spot to dry his feathers, a complimentary meal and even a cozy perch upon Knowles' own head.

Here's a video of how things played out:

In the end, as the boat neared the coast, the lucky little bird β€” his belly full and feathers warmed β€” returned to the sky without missing a beat. That alone, no doubt, was thanks enough for the crew who'd stopped to save him.