Blindfolded Shelter Worker Can Tell Which Dogs Are Which Just By Petting Them

She knows them all so well ❤️️

Kasey Cleland has worked at the Greensburg & Decatur County Animal Shelter for 10 months now, and during that time, she’s gotten to know all of the animals pretty well. She tries to spend as much quality time with each one as she can before they get adopted, and they all love her just as much as she loves them.

“I’m so excited to be coming up on my one-year mark,” Cleland told The Dodo. “I truly love it here. I spend five out of seven days a week with the dogs, and I get them out of their kennels for breaks and outside time at least two times daily, but I try to do more than that.”

woman and dog
Kasey Cleland

Since Cleland spends so much time with the dogs, she and her coworkers decided to test exactly how well she knows them by blindfolding her and having her try to guess which dog was which just by petting them.

This may seem like quite the challenge, but for Cleland, it was actually pretty darn easy.

woman and dog playing
Kasey Cleland

Cleland’s coworkers would bring a dog over to her, and based on lots of factors, like the dog’s energy, how they acted and how they felt, she would make a guess as to which dog they were. It usually didn’t take her too long to make her guess — and she was almost always right.

“I tried to guess seven different dogs, and I got six out of seven correct,” Cleland said.

Kasey Cleland

The one she got wrong she still got on the second try, though, so does it really even count? Cleland, her coworkers and especially the dogs all had so much trying out this experiment, and everyone on the internet seemed to love it a lot, too.

“There are so many nice comments about how much I love the animals and how well the animals are being treated,” Cleland said. “They want us to make it into a series.”

woman and puppies
Kasey Cleland

Cleland knows the animals at her shelter so well and will continue to love them as best she can until they all finally go off to their forever homes.

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