Biker Slams On Brakes When He Sees A Thumb-Sized Baby On The Road

He looks like a little pebble.

Recently, a man was riding his bike along the shoulder of a busy Arizona highway when he caught a glimpse of someone tiny clinging onto a weed between the cracks in the pavement.

sidewalk crack

Stooping down, the man realized that the wayward animal was a thumb-sized baby hummingbird who appeared to be injured. The man was excited to see such a beautiful bird close up, but worried for the bird’s well-being. Unsure of what to do, he called AZ Wildlife Resource for help.

Usually, wildlife rescuers try to keep baby birds with their moms. However, in this case, AZ Wildlife Resource founder Valerie Motyka determined that it was in the little bird’s best interest to seek further help.

“With the way he was hunched over and … not flying, we decided it was best to get him properly evaluated at the rehab,” Motyka told The Dodo.

Valerie Motyka

Back at the rehab, Motyka went through her usual checklist, trying to determine what might be ailing the poor little bird.

“I check if the eyes are clear, if the wings look symmetrical, and get an idea of their health,” Motyka said. “This fledgling hummingbird appeared to have a bit of a spinal injury, which was probably why he was found in the road.”

Valeria Motyka

Since the baby bird’s spine needed further care, Motyka sought the assistance of East Valley Wildlife, where staff members were happy to take in the baby and continue his recovery process.

The resilient bird is still at East Valley, where he’s getting stronger every day. Soon, his spine will return to normal and he’ll be back in the skies, where he belongs.

To help other animals like this hummingbird, make a donation to AZ Wildlife Resource.