What Gift To Buy Your Dog, Based On Your Pet Parent Personality

The ideal pup presents for you both to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Whistle and Wild One; Design: Samantha Shin
Photo courtesy of Whistle and Wild One; Design: Samantha Shin

Whether you realize it or not, you definitely have a pup parent personality. Maybe it’s in the activity you like to do (or distinctly not do) with your dog, or perhaps it’s a quirk you’ve projected onto them. Whatever the case, there’s a persona that encapsulates your parenting style, and this holiday season, we’ve got the products to match your vibe. These gifts may be for the dog, but let’s face it, they’re basically for you, too.

Photo courtesy of Whistle; Design: Samantha Shin

The Active Adventurer

Off-leash hiking, kayaking, jogging — it’s clear you love being active and there isn’t any activity you don’t do with your pup partner in crime. Since you likely track your own health and fitness, why not do the same for your dog? The Whistle™ FIT is a smart device that takes personalized pet wellness tracking from insightful to actionable. It lets you monitor everything from their sleep to their nutrition to their behavior, plus it allows you to set custom activity goals and provides you with alerts and reminders so you’ve got a complete picture of your dog’s wellness.

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Photo courtesy of Fable Pets; Design: Samantha Shin

The Homebody

The opposite of the active adventurer is the homebody — hanging out at home and doing absolutely nothing is your MO. Your comfort place is the couch, so it only makes sense that you treat your pup to their own comfy spot, too. This crate filters airflow and light in a calming way for your dog, but the real treat is its beautiful design for you. With all the time you spend in your home, it’s important to surround yourself with thoughtful pieces, and this crate looks like an intentional piece of furniture, rather than an overt pet accessory (you can even use it as a side table!). Place it next to your couch so you and your dog can lounge together.

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Photo courtesy of maxbone; Design: Samantha Shin

The Influencer

People might come to you for your online persona and your top-notch recommendations, but they stay for videos of your dog, who’s basically an influencer in their own right. A pack of these CBD treats is the most influencer thing ever (just look at the packaging), and will help your pup stay calm — even while posing for the hundreds of clips you’re no doubt going to film of them enjoying these snacks.

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Photo courtesy of Whistle; Design: Samantha Shin

The Overly Cautious

You’re a bit of a hypochondriac, so understanding your pet’s health and wellbeing (on top of knowing their exact location) is important. The Whistle™ Switch™ is the smart collar you need for peace of mind, since it allows you to stay connected with your dog, 24/7. You can monitor their health, keep them on track with fitness goals, and track their location. Most importantly, thanks to the alerts and reminders, you can monitor any potential issues before they become problems.

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Photo courtesy of Petcube; Design: Samantha Shin

The Techie

From your smart home to your tech toys, it’s clear you’re a gadgets and gizmos whiz. So you’ll appreciate this pet camera and remote treat dispenser in one, which also features two-way audio for you to hear and speak with your dog, provides updates on your dog’s activity, and is Amazon Alexa-enabled. It’s one of the most advanced ways to stay connected with your dog, even when you’re not there.

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Photo courtesy of Wild One; Design: Samantha Shin

The Globetrotter

At this point, your pup has racked up nearly as many frequent flier miles as you have. A world traveler like that might be used to life on the road, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some amenities while they’re at it. This travel carrier is the ideal home away from home for your dog. It features a roll-out cushion that doubles as a dog bed, a shoulder strap that works as a leash, and it’s airline compliant. Adventuring just got more convenient for you and more comfortable for them.

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Photo courtesy of Whistle; Design: Samantha Shin

The Fresh Suburbanite

As a brand new resident in the suburbs, one thing you — and your dog — can't get over is just how much room there is to roam. Whether it's in your much bigger backyard, at the playground, or at the park, you can keep tabs on your dog with the Whistle GO Explore, a smart device and pet tracker that provides GPS location monitoring and escape alerts when they leave a designated safe space. Now, the next time they run off to chase squirrels or sneakily escape the side gate, you'll be able to easily pinpoint their location.

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Photo courtesy of Pagerie; Design: Samantha Shin

The Posh Parent

Whether it’s outfitting your dog in designer goods, creating bespoke meal plans for them or treating them to an hour at an exclusive doggy day spa, it’s clear you enjoy the finer things in life and take “only the best” to a whole new level when it comes to your best friend. This luxurious collar matches your bougie vibe, and thanks to the indulgent price tag, you can rest easy knowing that few dogs will likely be sporting the same one.

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