Guy Watches Helplessly As Bear Cubs Discover He Left His Car Window Open

Bear Cubs: 1. Guy: 0.

A group of friends were on vacation and staying at a cabin together in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, when one morning, a family of bears decided to join them.

“My friend was outside enjoying the early-morning hazy view when he heard rustling and saw a black bear cub approaching the deck,” Levi Kim told The Dodo. “He rushed inside and notified a couple of us. We then saw the second bear cub and the momma bear cub come onto the rear deck. They started playing with the hot tub cover.”

bear cubs
Levi Kim

The momma bear noticed the friend group watching her family but didn’t seem to mind, and the bear cubs were too busy exploring and playing to notice anything else. They were having a blast and decided to climb on top of a parked car — and that’s when both the cubs and the friend group realized the car window was open.

“We were astonished and very amused to see the cubs climbing through the window,” Kim said. “We were so surprised to see how curious they were about Mark's van! We were also not at all surprised that Mark left his windows down in bear country — typical Mark Ryan. He is the goofball of the friend group.”

Poor Ryan watched helplessly as the bear cubs had a blast inside his car while everyone just laughed. Luckily, though, there wasn’t any damage done to the car, and everyone was honestly kind of glad it happened. It definitely made the vacation a lot more memorable!

bear cub
Levi Kim

“We are from Ohio, so we don't get black bear encounters like this,” Kim said. “I think we were all in awe and soaking in the moment. We knew we could've scared them off immediately but instead chose to enjoy this rare moment during our vacation. It was honestly the highlight of our trip!”